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Crysis - Version 0.9.3e

posted on 2008-04-21 12:21:29
by Jeff91


Crysis Mod Story Line: A new Nano Suit has been introduced into Counter Strike! Ts and CTs fight using their new Suit's powers. The Suit's is based off the new Crysis game. This suit has four different powers: 1. Stealth - You are totally invisible, when you are hit you become like see through invisible for as long as you are taking damage. When you shoot some one you come out of your stealth. 2. Strength - You can jump three times has high as normal players and your knife attacks are one hit kill. 3. Speed - You are very fast. 4. Defense - You switch to armor and enemy attacks do 40% less damage. help.addline('[ Crysis ] - [ Help Menu ]') help.addline('Command: Use !power to change your active power') help.addline('Powers:') help.addline(' Strength: Jump higher and have stronger attacks (Store)') help.addline(' Defense: Take less damage from attacks (Store)') help.addline(' Speed: Move Quicker (Drain)') help.addline(' Stealth: Become hard to see (Drain)') help.addline('General:') help.addline(' Storing Powers Build Up Armor and Health') help.addline(' Draining Powers are more potent and thus drain armor') help.addline(' Crouching/Standing still causes armor/health to increase more rapidly') The Suit's Armor: The suit's armor will be his energy. Energy and Health: The suit gets 125 energy (armor) and 100 health. The suit regains health and energy (armor) at a steady pace when in Strength and Defense mode. They will regain both more quickly if crouched/standing still.

Version Notes For 0.9.3e

Updated on: 2008-04-28 16:39:51 EST by Jeff91 (View Zip Contents)
Fixed speed bug (I hope!)

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