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CheeTaHs Roll The Dice 1.07 ScreenShot

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CheeTaHs Roll The Dice 1.07 - Version 1.07

posted on 2010-08-28 12:48:29
by TheCheeTaH


You simply type !rtd, then you'll either have a bad, neutral or a good thing happening. I guess you know RollTheDice... To see the rolls go to the forum link.


extract to cstrike\ and then put "es_xload crtd" in autoexec.cfg (located in cstrike\cfg\)

Version Notes For 1.07

Updated on: 2010-09-13 18:53:14 EST by TheCheeTaH (View Zip Contents)
* 1.07: - Added an option to burn a vampire when he gets flashed - Added explosion sound, so it isn't such a "quit death". Also added a check, so each second it'll check if he's still a bomb. - Added roll#33-roll#37 --- Fire grenades (Roll: 33) --- Resurrect (Roll: 34) --- Camouflage (Roll: 35) --- Acid Bullets (Roll: 36) --- Fire bomb (Roll: 37) * 1.06: - Fixed some gramma (Did you know that "putted" isn't a word?!) - Now the script loads popup, as the !rtdhelp wouldn't work if you hadn't "es_xload popup" in your autoexec BEFORE "es_xload crtd" - Now using 1 less playervar (3->2) - Attack messages (Like "You've put X on fire) are now optional. - Now prints out to whole server what the person rolled - Added roll#32: --- Timebomb (Roll: 32) * 1.05: - Added roll#27-roll#31: --- Slap Aura (Roll: 27) --- Poison (Roll: 28) --- Tunnel Vision (Roll: 29) --- Vending Machine (Roll: 30) --- Random Alpha (Roll: 31) * 1.04: - Instead of having 13 playersvars we now use just 3, as we're now checking for a string instead of 1/0. This means less checking, therefore [/b][i][u]should[/u][/i][b] also mean less lagg. - Fixed that reincarnation would throw out a random name instead of the reincarnated perons name. Or well, not really that random, but in most cases it wouldn't be the reincarnaded persons name. - In elder versions your gravity would get set back to normal every time you touched a ladder, this is fixed now. - Vampire can no longer give you HP from a friend/yourself - Added a new command: !rtdhelp, it shows info about each roll, and what the servers CFG is set to on the roll. * 1.03: - Fixed vampire not telling the actual % (It would say "20 instead of 5", "50 instead of 2", and "8 instead of 12.5", etc) - My way of using "jammed weapons" really SUCKED to be honest. It'd threat you like if you're dead. And you couldn't even use knife/nades. Now it sets your primary&secondary ammo to 0 instead. - Berserker can now burn the dead body - In 1.02 you could use rtd again after reincarnation, fixed that. - Roll#17 (Froggy Jumping) No longer sets gravtiy, now it pushes you you in the air instead. - Added roll#19-roll#26: --- Flashed (Roll: 19) --- High Gravtiy (Roll: 20) --- Low HP (Roll: 21) --- Slay (Roll: 22) --- Armor Recovery (Roll: 23) --- Bhop Boost (Roll: 24) --- A Man and his Knife (Roll: 25) --- Flamethrower (Roll: 26) * 1.02: - The rolls are now configurable - Also fixed some errors that would appear in console (Due to unlimited ammo) - Added roll#18: --- Reincarnation * 1.01: - I forgot to remove some lines from beta testing, therefore you could only roll 2. - I forgot to include the "Cursed Rabbit"-files, they're included in the ZIP now. * 1.00: - Released

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