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Trikz Manager - Version 2.0

posted on 2009-07-09 17:02:29
by craziest

Requires: [list][*][url=]Source Python Extensions[/url] [/list]


This plugin makes trikz server handling easy! Just install this script and it will take care of the following things: [b]- Removing Flash - Blocking/Unblocking users - Respawning - Checkpoint managing - Auto-Flash Returning - Giving flashes - Settings the server variables for you![/b] Most of the features can be configured in the config.cfg file which is included with the script. Users can edit the settings in the included popup menu. Now you can run your server without fear! Have fun! [b]DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY ADDITIONAL PLUGINS[/b] [syntax="es"]// ************************ // *** TRIKZ MAP PLUGIN *** // ************************ // You can load this file with: // - es_load crazytrikz // Avaliable client commands: // !switch - To switch between blocking and unblocking mod // !trikz - To open the scripts main menu (configurable below) // ************************ // ***** CONFIGURATION **** // ************************ // Edit the following settings to your needs // The command to open the main menu trikz_menu_command "!trikz" // The command to switch between block and noblock trikt_switch_command "!switch" // Enable ghosting/noghosting option to players trikz_enable_ghost 1 // Enable unlimited health (so players can die from damage) trikz_unlimited_health 1 // Enable the unlimited flash option trikz_unlimited_flash 1 // Enable auto-respawning in the case the player dies trikz_auto_respawn 0 // Set the server variables needed to play trikz_ on map start trikz_server_config 1 // If you have any suggetions/problems please post on the forums // Other option of contact: craziest994 - Steam Name // Coded by .craziesT[/syntax]


1. Download & Upload to your /cstrike/ folder, 2. Edit the settings in the config file, 3. Add: es_load crazytrikz to your autoexec.cfg file, 4. Restart your server, 5. Enjoy!

Version Notes For 2.0

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