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CrazyNades - Version 1

posted on 2011-03-17 18:37:14
by hyperheart


Changes the nade skin to the roller mine from HL2 effects the gravity of the nade when it its a something it goes straight down. Fly's thru the air no gravity! different effects when he nade bounces! The nades do extra damage! These are not normal nades they are CRAZY_NADES! so they will do more damage and will not act like a normal nade but you will get credit for nade kills still works the same for killing but does more damage. Hey thanks SuperDave!!! for the help in the forums!!!


Please unzip and place in your cstrike directory on your gameserver. cstrike/addons/eventscripts place the folder named crazynades in the eventscripts folder. You can load with es_load crazynades in you autoexec.cfg Enjoy an have fun!

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