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CommandHook - Version 0.5

posted on 2007-12-16 10:35:48
by A-Friend

Tags: commands css hook


Commandhook 0.5 Commandhook is the first script that i am aware of that offers the function to hook player commands without EST. Commands: (Dont forget, you can type ch_commands to get all of these) ch_hook - Hook a command (Syntax: ch_hook [COMMAND] [BLOCK]) ch_unhook - Unhook a command (The same syntax as ch_hook) ch_list - List all of the hooked commands and the blocks to be run ch_commands - List all of the CommandHook commands ch_debugmode - Toggle CommandHook debuging ch_test - Load the CommandHook test script ch_about - Display infomation about CommandHook The test script is a quick script that i made that hooks the command Noclip, and alerts anyone who uses it.

Version Notes For 0.5

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Version 0.5 First release

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