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Climb Timer - Version 1.0.1a

posted on 2009-02-11 19:04:39
by freddukes

Tags: css


This mod is specifically for climb maps although it will support any map type. Basically you have 2 zones, a start zone and an end zone. When a user enters a "start zone" they are notified that they have started the climb and then a real-time clock at the bottom of the screen will begin to time them how long it will take them to reach the "end zone". When they reach the end zone, their time is recorded and the time is globally notified to the rest of the server. You can compare these stats using several commands: [list] [*]!wr [map name] [list] [*] Displays the world records (really server records) of the times for a map [*] Map Name: the map name you'd wish to view the stats for. If this is omitted then the current map name is used: [/list] [*]!time [userid/partial name/steamid] [list] [*]Displays the user's stats for the current map [*] userid/partial name/steamid: The person you wish to bring the stats up. If this is omitted then the person who said the command is used [/list] [*]!climbtimer [list] [*] Admin only command [*] Shows the admin menu [*] Requires [url=]authorization service[/url] [/list] [/list] To make zones you need to make yourself an admin by using an [url=]authorization service[/url] (simple tutorial can be found [url=]here[/url]) The admin popup then lets you make / modify the start zone and end zone, or delete all information for that map.


You can use the new es_install on this mode to install: [code] es_install climbtimer autoload [/code] At this point in time, you can only [url=]download[/url] this script then extract it to ../cstrike/ or any other mod directory. Following this, add "es_load climbtimer" to your autoexec.cfg and restart

Version Notes For 1.0.1a

Updated on: 2009-02-13 14:11:58 EST by freddukes (View Zip Contents)
1.0.1a [list] [*] You can know restart the timer when you've finished [*] Restarting the map / round resets timers [*] Added the possibility of a jump counter [/list]

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