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[JDRS] Classmod - Version 1.01

posted on 2011-06-15 16:14:07
by [jdrs] bart

Requires: EventScripts 2.0 or later

Tags: addon class css


ClassMod is a popup menu based infantry class selection eventscripts add-on, written in Python. It allows the player to select between four preconfigured infantry classes, each with a separate weapons loadout, which can be modified to each player's preference. Additionally, it provides the player with a backup primary weapon. Carrying a sniper rifle and find yourself in a CQ firefight? No problem, just whip out your shotgun!


• Unzip the archive contents into your /cstrike directory. • Insert the following lines into your autoexec.cfg file. o eventscripts_subdirectory events o es_load classmod

Version Notes For 1.01

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