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Counter-Strike : Source Classes ScreenShot

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Counter-Strike : Source Classes - Version 2.1.0

posted on 2010-05-15 00:57:31
by AeroSinthetic

Tags: css


Version 2.0.0 Need some feedback on whether I should keep this going. Lets you select from one of six different classes that modify your health, speed, armor, and also gives you a menu that let's you select from guns. At the start of the round, a menu pops up asking if/what class you want to pick, if you pick one all your weapons are stripped and you get the attributes below, if not, the game plays normal for you. Current Classes Include - Assault Gunner 100 Health 100 Armor 1.3 Speed M4A1 or AK47 Deagle Knife Hegrenade - Heavy Gunner 200 Health 400 Armor 0.7 Speed M249 Deagle Knife Hegrenade - Support Gunner 110 Health 75 Armor 1.1 Speed Any Submachine Gun P228 Knife - Sniper 125 Health 125 Armor 1.2 Speed Any Sniper Rifle Deagle Knife Flashbang Smokegrenade - Crusher 150 Health 200 Armor 1.0 Speed M3 or XM1014 Knife Hegrenade - Recon 100 Health 50 Armor 1.5 Speed M4A1 or TMP USP Knife - Night Agent 125 Health 100 Armor 1.3 Speed M4A1 USP Knife Nightvision Problems/Suggestion/Even if you don't know why it won't work for you: Email me at W00T! If you like it please.


1. Extract the folder included to your server cstrike file. 2. Add es_load classes to yuor autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 2.1.0

Updated on: 2010-05-15 21:57:10 EST by AeroSinthetic (View Zip Contents)
Changed Heavy Gunner's pistol from P228 to Deagle Added new dark-usable nightvision-equipped Night Agent. Added comments to the code! (But nobody cares.) I've decided to keep with the classic EventScripts for now, but I could always want to implemetn another feature that requires an outside addon. Will add even more comments to the code so somebody may learn how to use popup from this addon.

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