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Clan Tag Checker - Version 1.1

posted on 2009-03-24 23:19:53
by sonicsight


This can be anything from a simple to a complex addon. Basically it check players names in your server when they join or change there name and if they put on your clan tag and they arnt part of your clan list they are kicked. It has configurable options that allow you to set your clan tag, read in the list from either a web front (VERY similar to premium mod, and it has built in security) or from a local .txt file. You can also specify whether you want it to check for only the tag in the start of the name or in the whole name. Could be very useful if you have a myg0t like clan attacking your server. you could set this to there tag and no add any exception ids which would auto kick them all.


****PLEASE NOTE that if you all ready have 1.0 installed the only changes to this are in web/delete.php. All you need to do to update is overwrite your current delete.php with this one. Game: 1. Create a folder in your eventscripts directory called clanTag and put, steam.txt, and settings.cfg in the folder. 2. Add es_load clanTag to your autoexec.cfg. 3. Open up settings.cfg and edit it to use your settings. 4. If your using the local steam.txt file then open that and follow the instructions inside to add your steam ids that you dont want this mod to kick. 5. Restart server/change map. Web Server: 1. Create a mySql database on your server (it doesnt have to be a new one) and add an user to it with all privileges. 2. Open up config.php in the webserver/admin folder and edit your settings. 3. open up validate.php in the webserver/admin folder and add in your usernames/passwords to the arrays on lines 2 and 3. Users should be added in order like so: $usernames = array("admin","sonicsight"); $passwords = array("password","password2"); Those lines would make 2 users: admin with the pass password and sonicsight with the pass password2. 4. Make a new folder in you webhost like and put all the files in the folder there (make if you use premiumMod you dont put them in the same folder because they use the same file names). 5. Run and then delete the file (other wise people can wipe the database).

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2009-03-26 17:02:44 EST by sonicsight (View Zip Contents)
Fixed a small bug in the delete page where every other name wouldnt show up.

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