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HideExec: Cheese Chaser [BETA][OB] - Version 1.0

posted on 2010-09-26 06:05:21
by Im the new guy


[b][color=red][size=200]Cheese Chaser[/size][/color][/b] This is a simple tag mod with a twist. The Counter-Terrorists are giant rats and the Terrorists are giant chunks of cheese. The aim of the game is simple: Eat the cheese! Rats are armed with only a knife and they must hunt down and eat the cheese. Terrorists have the option for heighten speed, but do not have a knife to attack with. There are a few configuration options in the mod allowing the game play to be changed. By default Rats will be frozen for 0.3 seconds after left clicking, so left click cannot be spammed. By doing this, the cheese can get away if they are damaged. This mod is idea on a mini games server.


Simple extract the mod to the correct directories and type es_load cheese_chaser into autoexec.cfg. Edit the cfg options in the script in: Cstrike/addons/eventscripts/cheese_chaser/ Done! All models are included in the pack, so be sure to upload them to your fast download URL!

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Updated on: 2010-09-26 06:05:21 EST by Im the new guy
First release

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