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CheapBeacon -- light up certain weapons - Version 3

posted on 2007-06-06 15:19:05
by SuperDave


Emits white light from weapons of your choice. [b]Requires only EventScripts v1.5+[/b] [b]This script affects gameplay in the following ways:[/b] [b]*[/b]All weapons listed as "beacon weapons" will emit white light when owned by a player (default "awp;g3sg1;sg550;deagle"). [b]*[/b]Every few seconds (default 3), CheapBeacon will check to make sure each beaconed weapon is still owned by the same player. If it is not, the beacon is turned off. [b]*[/b]Hostages can also emit a beacon if you with (default on). [i]See the options below for further details.[/i] [syntax="es"]// Config/Options es_xset cheapbeacon_beaconhostages 1 // Should there be a beacon on the hostages? 0 will eliminate. [default 1] es_xset cheapbeacon_beaconweapons "awp;g3sg1;sg550;deagle" // This string should contain the weapons you wish to beacon [default "awp;g3sg1;sg550;deagle"] // Separate each weapon with a semicolon. See the in-script options for a list of acceptable // weapon names. es_xset cheapbeacon_weaponcheck 3 // This is the delay between checks to make sure the beaconed players should still be beaconed // [default 3] [/syntax] [b][url=]Is this script optimized? (Thanks Chun!)[/url][/b] [url=][img][/img][/url]

Version Notes For 3

Updated on: 2007-07-27 20:09:12 EST by SuperDave (View Zip Contents)
CheapBeacon has been optimized for EventScripts v1.5+ CheapBeacon has also been updated to increase stability (I experienced the same problem in [url=]NowYouSeeMe[/url])

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