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Chatwatch - Version 1.1t

posted on 2007-05-31 09:12:06
by GODJonez


[color=darkblue]Chatwatch v1.1t[/color] [b][u]Description[/u][/b] Monitors player text chatting and has ability to filter out messages or otherwise punish players using certain words in their chat messages. [b][u]Requirements[/u][/b] [list][*]EventScripts 1.3 [list][*]EventScripts 1.5 with Auth provider is recommended [/list] [*]Updated [b]damage[/b] corelib subscript (for proper slap effect) [/list] [b][u]Installation[/u][/b] [list][*]Download the zip file from link above [*]Extract to your root game folder (e.g. cstrike) [*]Add [b]es_load chatwatch[/b] to your server's autoexec.cfg file [/list] [b][u]Using Auth with Chatwatch[/u][/b] If you are using EventScripts 1.5 and are using an Auth provider, Chatwatch allows server admins with permission [b]admin_chatwatch[/b] to modify the chat filtering rules from client console using console command [b]cw[/b]. [b][u]Administering without Auth[/u][/b] The chat filtering rules can be viewed and edited using server console command [b]cw[/b] either directly on the server console or by using RCON (recommended way). [b][u]Usage of command 'cw'[/u][/b] cw [b]cw[/b] - Displays help [b]cw list[/b] - Displays the list of added chat strings that are to be watched for [b]cw addcatch [/b] - Adds a word to be watched at the start of the chat. These chat messages can be hidden completely [b]cw catch [/b] - Adds a text to be checked in a caught chat message. - See later for possible punishment options [b]cw watch [/b] - Adds a text to be watched in any part of a chat message - These messages can still be seen by players but the sayer can be punished, see later [b]cw delcatch [/b] - Deletes a catch rule [b]cw load[/b] - Loads the latest rules (undo changes since last save) [b]cw save[/b] - Saves the current rules to be automatically used next time [b]cw addtext [/b] - Adds a text to say punishment category [b]cw listtext [/b] - Lists the texts in the category [b]cw deltext [/b] - Deletes a chosen text from the category, see listtext for the index numbers [b]cw addpunish [/b] - Adds a punishment to a multi-punish list [b]cw listpunish [/b] - Lists the punishment list [b]cw delpunish [/b] - Deletes the chosen punishment from the list, see listpunish for the index numbers [b][u]Punishment options[/u][/b] [b]kick [/b] - Kicks the player from server [b]ban [/b] - Ban the player for selected time in minutes (0=permanent) [b]censor [/b] - Replaces the catch/watch part of the chat with provided text before displaying it - only usable with caught messages (catch by first word) [b]say [/b] - Makes the offending player say something else instead - Using a category name will choose a text randomly from a text category (see cw addtext) [b]msg [/b] - Makes a text be displayed in the chat area - You can use #green, #lightgreen and #default in the text to switch colours [b]slay[/b] - Kills the player [b]slap [/b] - slaps the player with specified damage, includes sound and physics effect [b]0[/b] - disables the rule (deletion of the rules is not practical due to ES limitations) [b] [/b] - uses the custom list of punishments to use [b][u]Example admin usage[/u][/b] This demonstrates the commands that should be entered into server console to build the sample rule file included inside the zip file. [syntax="Example"]// Adding say texts: cw addtext f10 "I'm an idiot that deserves to be kicked" cw addtext f10 "I am a loser" // Adding most used starting words to be filtered completely and combining them with word f10 and punishing the players by using f10 say category cw addcatch press cw catch press f10 "say f10" cw addcatch hit cw catch hit f10 "say f10" cw addcatch choose cw catch choose f10 "say f10" cw addcatch use cw catch use f10 "say f10" // In case the player bypasses those checks by using some other word at start, let's add general warning: cw watch f10 "msg #green Note:#default F10 will exit your game by default." // Save the changes so we don't have to redo all these commands again cw save[/syntax]

Version Notes For 1.1t

Updated on: 2007-07-12 06:43:07 EST by GODJonez (View Zip Contents)
[list][*]Added more punishment options (slay, slap) [*]Added punishment lists for multiple punishments for one violation [*]Fixed client side usage to be able to show multiple lines output [/list]

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