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cga_autogive (Weapons for free) - Version v.1 RC1

posted on 2007-11-09 12:45:16
by ridicoloEU


A simple script which gives weapon(s) for free on each spawn. After first spawn you get a menu (i am thinking about switch the menu off) and in first 5 spawns you get a in-chat advice about the use of the script. In game you can use autobuy/autogive command for the menu, or just choose one of preset-sets (containing primary, deagle, grenades, kevlar). for example: auto (small in-chat help) auto 0 (no weapon for free) auto 1 (set with shotgun) auto 3 (set with ak47) auto 4 (set with m4a1) ... Before I was using a complicated BANK script, but i think that this one is more simple and makes the same: the fundamental idea of it is to give in automatic weapons to noobies and to permit to better ones to switch it off and train with basic weapons and make they way up. A second good thing, which is going on back from the bank script (i have used another one, a cga_bank which i have newer posted here...) is that it makes the same all the rounds. You dont have to type anything all the times, you make your choice only the first time after connect (or only if you like to change your choice). No need of spam the chat area all the times ^^ m4x

Version Notes For v.1 RC1

Updated on: 2007-11-17 17:59:52 EST by ridicoloEU (View Zip Contents)
Now it remembers your last choice after map_change / rejoin and dont show the menu all the times. Any sugestions? I am thinking of removing the menu at the join at all and to let only the sugestions about typying AUTO or AUTOBUY in few first rounds after joining the server... m4x

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