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CheeTaHs DeathMatch ScreenShot

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CheeTaHs DeathMatch - Version 1.00

posted on 2010-08-28 06:08:47
by TheCheeTaH


This is a deathmatch script I made some time ago. I made it for personal use. But since no people wants to play on my server, I decided to upload it to here. It has pretty configurable in my opinion. Restriction, spawn protection, equipment and more. In the guns menu you can choose: New weapon Same weapon Same weapon every time Random weapon Random weapon every time - Yea, I kinda stole* the idea from Bailopan * Kinda stole = totally stole


Extract to cstrike\, and then out: [code]es_xload cdm[/code] in your autoexec.cfg (located in your cstrike\cfg\ folder)

Version Notes For 1.00

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