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CheeTaH Admins - Version 1.5

posted on 2010-04-04 05:35:00
by TheCheeTaH


Hello, I've recently released a script, which included Rules and Admins. Rules showed server rules, and Admins showed admins, and told if they were online or offline.. Then this guy "Pawned", wanted just the Admins part, as he already had some nice rules thing.. So this is basically my Rules/Admins script, just without rules.. The one with Rules, it can be found here: It will show something like this (if cheetah, is the only online admin) Server Admins --------------------------- 1. STEAM_0:1:7589873 - CheeTaH - Online With The Name: CheeTaH |ES| 2. STEAM_0:1:13703292 - Bevanz - Offline --------------------------- 0. Cancel The admins are sorted by online-offline first, and then alphabetical (by original name in _db file) Online admins are colored orange, while "offliners" are white Script mainly made for "Pawned", but anyone can use it.


Extract to cstrike\ and then put "es_xload cadmins" in autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 1.5

Updated on: 2011-03-12 06:00:53 EST by TheCheeTaH (View Zip Contents)
Fixed so that it displays the admins online name properly. In 1.4 it would just throw out a random name. Well, not that random, but most likely not the admins name.

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