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Buy HP [OB Python] - Version v0.1

posted on 2011-05-03 18:55:14
by yatchi


[b]BuyHP[/b] This plugin allow players to [b]buy HP[/b], when is lower. [b]Its fully configurable, you can change:[/b] [code][LIST] [*]Command used to buy [*]How much HP is needed to buy more [*]How much HP will be given when someone buy it [*]How much will cost to buy more HP [*]All messages [/LIST][/code] The plugin verify: If player isn't dead: If player have all money needed: If player have the HP needed: > Player receives HP. Here all default settings: [code]# Command to player buy health cmd_buy = '!health' # How much the HP will cost to player? cost_to_buy = 1000 # How much the player will gain? hp_gain = 75 # How much HP left is necessary to player buy more HP? hp_need = 15 # To configure the messages, you can use colors: green, lightgreen and default. # '#green' = green message # '#lightgreen' = light green message # '#default' = default color for messages in CSS # Message for every round start # %s is the command to buy HP msg_rounds = '#default If you HP is low, buy more: #green%s' # Message if the player not have money to buy # %s is how much is needed to buy msg_no_money = '#default You do not have money! #lightgreen($%s)' # Message if the player have more than "hp_need" msg_hp_high = '#default Your HP is too high!' # Message if the player is dead msg_isdead = '#default You have to be #greenalive #defaultto buy HP!' # Message when player buy HP # First %s - nickname # Second %s - hp_gain # Third %s - cost_to_buy msg_buyed = '#default Player #lightgreen%s buy #green%sHP for #green$%s'[/code] Enjoy :)


1 - Open "" with some text editor 2 - Change what you want in "CONFIGURATION" area, have a explanation in every cvar. 3 - Move the folder "buyhp" with "" inside it to: addons/eventscripts/ 4 - Then if you want to automatically load the plugin, go to folder cstrike/cfg/ open server.cfg and put this: "es_load buyhp" and restart your server, or put the command in console for immediatly load!

Version Notes For v0.1

Updated on: 2011-05-03 18:55:14 EST by yatchi (View Zip Contents)
[b]ChangeLog[/b] v0.1 [LIST] [*]Initial relase [/LIST] If you want me add more things, contact me in ES Forum

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