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BuildWar - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-12-20 23:31:31
by aznone



Gameplay: There are two phases; the build-only phase and the war phase. During the build-only phase, you can do just that (build). While it is the build-only phase, you cannot be killed. After 9 minutes(this value is configurable) everyone is respawned (the round is not restarted so everyones props will still be there) and will be taken out of god mode. This is the "war" phase. During the war phase, fight on what you have built. You can still build during the war phase but you are likely to get shot and killed. All of the props are destructable and those ARE user friendly, you can change the health of the props easily, but what I have set them to I think are perfect(unless you want them to be indestructable) Prop health: the purpose of prophealth is to add another element to gameplay (its only setup for bw_equality but other maps can be added for it to work on them as well). two "beacons" will be spawned on both sides of the map and the objective is to destroy the other team's "beacon". NOTE: prophealth isnt really user-friendly meaning you ant easily add more maps for it to work on (sorry, I made it way after buildwar so its works independently for the most part) Features -Team based prop protection (with colors to differentiate between them) -four props to spawn -destructable props -prop movement (8 units and 1 unit for precise building) -prop rotation (90 degrees and 5 degrees for precise building) -two phases (build-only and war) -filters to limit the chances of the server crashing (only from buildwar) -four maps good for buildwar -meh, tons of other crap Say commands !build Console commands !build !wooden_door !metal_wall !metal_fence_square !crate Maps: All of the included maps are ones that I made myself and are the ones that are used on my friends server (with my mod on it) az_dust was not made for buildwar but seems to be everyones favorite bw_equality has prophealth setup for it bw_inovation has platforms a "bottom pool," boosters, and a surf ring for those that like to surf dm_castle is a large map with a castle theme that people also enjoy Author Notes: I hate to upload this at the state it is in as most things arent user-friendly, but theres been alot of problems, so I feel I need to upload so more people dont try to take credit for my work. This was my first big project so I know alot of things were done terribly and not really optimised at all, but the mod works fine. I'm done with this mod, and I wont be making any updates(probably). Thanks to the very few who helped me with this Remember to +woot if you like this If you want to see the mod in action before downloading, join

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First and final version (probably)

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