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|BuildMod| - Version 1.02

posted on 2012-09-23 00:33:06
by FizzyPop

Tags: hl2dm


[b]Have You Ever Wanted A Build Server[/b] but then think, [code]wow Thats Gonna Be HARD![/code] [code]- Command List- -- Console (admin) -- b_enablebuilding b_disablebuilding -- Chat (client) -- !npc <npc name> !s <propname> !save <buildname> "saves all the props you have spawned that are still alive" !load <buildname> "spawns all the props from a specific build you saved" !builds "displays all your builds" !color <r> <g> <b> "color a prop in RGB format Ex. !color 0 255 0 would be green" !del all !relationship "sets a npcs relationship with the players (hate, like, fear, neutral)" !freezeprop !unfreezeprop -- NPC LIST FOR !NPC -- ['gman', 'dog', 'alyx', 'barney', 'antlion', 'antlionguard', 'breen', 'combine_camera', 'crow', 'cscanner', 'eli', 'headcrab', 'headcrabfast', 'kleiner', 'manhack', 'monk', 'pigeon', 'rollermine', 'seagull', 'strider', 'vortigaunt', 'turret_floor', 'turret_ceiling'][/code]


Add[code]es_load buildmod[/code] to Your autoexec.cfg.

Version Notes For 1.02

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