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Aznone's Build Admin - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-12-29 10:16:54
by aznone


Tags: admin builld css


To clear up any confusion: Originally made to be used with my buildwar script, I decided to keep it seperate. It won't change gameplay at all unlike buildwar and you dont need buildwar to run this addon. Description: Admins will be able to spawn props from four preset* ones. -A wooden wall (my favorite) -A metal door (everyone elses favorite -A metal crosslink fence -And a crate Admins will be able to rotate, move, and remove any prop (created through this mod, another mod, or the map). And for the finale: Admins will be able to: -Set the owner of a prop (only useful for those running the buildwar script) -Set a prop's color -Set a prop's alpha (transparency) -Set a prop's health -Make props indestructable -Make props "illusionary" (so you can walk through them) -And lastly, remove all props on the map Binds: Type !adminbuild (in console or in chat) to bring up the menu You can also bind the four props to a key for quick spawning !admin_wooden_door !admin_metal_wall !admin_metal_fence !admin_crate NOTE: If you make a prop illusionary, you wont be able to target it, thus not being able to change or remove it in any way (unless you remove ALL the props) ANOTHER NOTE: Es Tools IS required AND A THIRD ONE: To use the "remove all props" option, you will need to be looking at one prop. Thats just a little insurance so you are less likely to remove all the props on accident.

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