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BackRaw's RandomSpy - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-08-27 20:44:44
by BackRaw

Tags: css


This is a very small Script-Addon which lets you spy random players that are chosen at round start: [b]Round starts[/b]: a message tells players who they can spy. Now type [b]+spycam[/b] in your console and you'll spy the chosen player. Type [b]-spycam[/b] to get your standard view back. It's highly recommended to bind [b]+spycam[/b] to a key, e.g. MOUSE3 (like I did), so if you don't press the key any more, it re-turns your standard view (like the weapon stops shooting if you "un-press" MOUSE1). [b]Chosen player dies[/b]: a message tells the players that the chosen player died and another one tells the players that the script just chose another player for spying. Have fun ;) Oh, and by the way - I didn't test this with other games but I *think* it works okay with other games. I'd highly appreciate it if you'd test this on other games. Thanks!


1. Extract the archive to ./cstrike 2. Put "es_xload brs" (without ") in your autoexec.cfg 3. Change the map. Done! Have fun! =)

Version Notes For 1.0

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1.0 - Initial Release

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