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bot management plugin - Version 1.5.2

posted on 2009-11-05 10:21:56
by adyshor37


Although there are some other bot menu scripts available, I added some options for a nicer gameplay. Based on EKS's CS Bot Control Metamod plugin options, it was transported to .py because of my desire to get rid of metamod and all other plugins, and use only eventscripts for my server management. As you can see in the picture, the bot menu has quite some options to play with. Though the events I chose and the vars used for auto-kill and auto-balance may not be the best choice, they work very nice. A recommended value for mp_limitteams would be 1 or 2. No auth service required, as the bot menu access is based on steamid. (easier to use and no additional scripts loaded) Free to use and to add in your own plugins. Bot plugin available options: - add/remove bot - manual/automatic bot kill after all humans are dead - bot auto-balance if teams are not equal - bot freeze/unfreeze - bot settings/weapon settings - bot advanced settings If you choose to use it, after installing, edit the .py file to write your own steamid to grant access. Q: Yo man, there is no Close button! A: Just press 0 as in any other menu and you're all set. The reason is for a smaller menu


- extract to cstrike folder - write 'es_load botplugin' in dedicated's console or in autoexec.cfg or in block load of corelib Usable command: "admin_botmenu"

Version Notes For 1.5.2

Updated on: 2012-04-19 15:55:35 EST by adyshor37 (View Zip Contents)
- menu structure modified - pending issue fixed

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