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BonbonBuy - Version 2.4

posted on 2008-01-22 01:19:32
by bonbon



[color=red][size=15]Features[/color][/size][list] [*][size=10][color=orange]General[/size][/color][list] [*][color=green]Easy Configuration[b][/color][/b] - Extremely Easy configuration. You can disable any menu (like, it won't even show up) change any price, disable any item (again, won't even show up) [*][color=green]Sell[b][/color][/b] - You can sell weapons (Option to disable) [*][color=green][b]Chat command + Menu[/b][/color][/b] - You can type !buy "Weapon Name" In chat, or console and it'll buy that weapon. or you can type !buy without any parameters to get the menu [*][color=green][b]Menu Sounds[/b][/color][/size[/b]] - Whenever you click on an option, a cool sound plays (not annoying, at all, srsly) [*][color=green][b]Easy Navigation[/b][/color][/size] - All menus have submenus, which you can easily Navigate through[/list] [*][size=10][color=orange]Menus[/size][/color][list] [*][color=green][b]Weapons[/color][/b] - Includes Submenus (Pistols, Smgs, ect.) [*][color=green][b]Items[/color][/b] - Items include nvgs, grenades ect. [*][color=green][b]Speed[/color][/b] - You can buy Speed [*][color=green][b]Props[/color][/b] - Spawn props at view point [*][color=green][b]Gravity[/color][/b] - Purchase Low Gravity [*][color=green][b]Health[/color][/b] - Purchase Extra Health [*][color=green][b]Upgrades[/color][/b] - Purchase Weapon Upgrades for a map [*][color=blue][size=8]Note:[/color][/size]All menus can be disabled in the config[/list] [/list]

Version Notes For 2.4

Updated on: 2008-08-25 12:50:42 EST by bonbon (View Zip Contents)
Added buyzone only option

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