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Bombsite Limiter - Version 1.0.5

posted on 2008-05-19 22:30:58
by Warren


Low number of CT's this round? Limit the fighting to only 1 default bombsite!


Extract the zip file to your cstrike folder so that your addons folders line up Add [b]es_load bombsite_limiter[/b] to your autoexec.cfg Restart your server. Adjust the Configs as you wish: [syntax="python"]# Maximum number of CT's alive to initiate the DEFAULT site only bomb punishments cts = 2 # Add your map on an new line with the same syntax as the others # If you don't add your map, the default site letter will be A maplist = { #' map name '( Default site Letter) 'de_dust2':'A', 'de_dust':'B', 'de_aztec':'A', 'de_cbble':'A', 'de_chateau':'A', 'de_inferno':'B', 'de_nuke':'A', 'de_piranesi':'A', 'de_port':'A', 'de_prodigy':'A', 'de_russka':'A', 'de_tides':'A', 'de_train':'A', 'de_cpl_mill':'A', }[/syntax]

Version Notes For 1.0.5

Updated on: 2008-07-14 21:01:32 EST by Warren (View Zip Contents)
Fixed some text coloring

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