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bmute - Version 2.0.0

posted on 2008-03-09 22:07:13
by bonbon


[color=red][size=18]Requires one of the Following[/size][/color][list][*]Mani Admin Plugin [*]SourceMod [*]Native Tools[/list] I was tired of me muting someone, and then them just rejoining. So now, you can give someone a timed, reason mute :D if they rejoin, they still get muted. admins can type !mute "player" "time" "reason" in chat to mute a player and !unmute "player" to unmute a player admins can also type !mutemenu for a popup players may also type !votemute to votemute a player [syntax="es"]// Enable/Disable votemute 1 == enabled, 0 == disabled bmute_enable_votemute 1 // The vote ratio to players needed to votemute a player bmute_vote_ratio 0.5 // The minimum votes required to votemute a player bmute_min_votes 3 // Admins who can use the mute features // If you want to use mani admins, put mani_admins in here // split by a comma bmute_admins "STEAM_0:0:11089864,STEAM_0:0:00000000000,STEAM_0:1:111111111" // The mute menu reasons // Split by a | bmute_menu_mute_reasons I dont like you|Spammings // The forum link for people to try to get unmuted // Have as None if disabled bmute_forum_link None[/syntax]


Extract the zip file to the ./cstrike/ directory Edit the config ./cstrike/addons/eventscripts/bmute/bmute.cfg to your liking add es_load bmute to your autoexec.cfg restart your server

Version Notes For 2.0.0

Updated on: 2010-03-01 21:12:58 EST by bonbon (View Zip Contents)
Completely re-wrote, votemute will hopefully work now, although I couldn't 100% test it, because I only had bots. If you would test it, and report where it does/does not work, that would be great. Added a config file for easier config

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