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BackRaw's Intelligent Victim Stats - Version 1.0

posted on 2010-04-18 08:44:50
by BackRaw


BIVS is a bit special - it tells you who killed you, like other victim stats addons, but will only show how many HP the killer has left when the victim attacked them. Examples:[list]Player1 attacked Player2 and Player2 killed Player1:[list]Killer: Player2 with X HP left[/list] Player1 didn't attack Player2 but Player2 killed Player1:[list]Killer: Player2[/list][/list]


1. Extract the zip file to ./cstrike. Folder structure already done by me. 2. Put into your autoexec.cfg: es_xload bivs 3. Do a mapchange.

Version Notes For 1.0

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