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Banking - Version 0.3

posted on 2009-02-07 14:27:17
by SebiTimeWaster


[b]TimeWaster's Banking Script for Counter Strike Source[/b] Banking is an advanced bank based on Eventscripts v1.5 and a SQLite database which makes it incredibly fast. There's an converter included to convert and copy "EternalBank" bank accounts for your easy switching pleasure. Features: - Multi language capable (atm English and German) - Display of balance and interest rate within the main menu - Automatic deposit - Automatic withdraw - Transfer money within a menu structure (no need to type silly commands) - Manual deposit - Manual withdraw - Top10 List - User can switch off spawn messages - Every round will bear an interest - customizable name, interest rate, info rate (advert, can also be switched off) and language (English and German atm) - Included is a converter to copy bank accounts from an existing EternalBank. You'll find a list of servers running this script here: [url=][/url] Visit my homepage for further info's and cool stuff: [url=][/url] This script is released under the GPL:


Installation: 1. The plugin "Eventscripts" has to be installed on your server: (both versions are fine). If you are using ES 1.5, please make sure you have the latest version installed (v1.5.0.171b), otherwise the money transfer will not work. 2. Extract this script inside your MOD folder /cstrike/ 4. Configure the Banking script regarding your wishes in the script file itself 5. Add the following line to THE END of your autoexec.cfg es_load banking 6. Restart your server 7. If you want to copy the bank accounts from an existing EternalBank database, you have to do the following: 7.1 Open your server console and type in: "BankConvert". this will start the automatic conversion process. there's nothing more to do. 7.2 After the conversion has successfully finished, remove your EternalBank completely and remove the loading command for EternalBank from your autoexec.cfg. 7.3 Restart your server. PLEASE NOTE FIRST: the conversion process WILL COMPLETELY STOP your server from responding for the time the conversion is running. do not kill the server process, this is normal. Afterwards a short status message will be displayed in the server console. In general it is not a bad idea to run this conversion on a local test server. (Recommended) There's also a glitch which is ES_Tools related: ES_Tools wants to kill and restart the server process when it's detecting the server has stopped responding. it is a good idea to deactive ES_Tools by moving away the "es_tools.vdf" file temporarily and restarting the server before starting the conversion process.

Version Notes For 0.3

Updated on: 2009-02-22 09:29:50 EST by SebiTimeWaster (View Zip Contents)
Version history: v 0.3: - Fixed Bug: Deposit and withdraw menu react on user choice 9 which does not exist - Added Feature: Top10 List - Added Feature: User can switch off spawn messages - Added Feature: Admin can switch off adverts - Added Feature: Some bank functions are now disabled if only one player is on server. this should prevent some cheating where players could kill semselfs repeatedly to gain money. v 0.2: - Fixed Bug: Bank Accounts over 2 billion dollar could go inverse with negative money. Fixed by limiting all bank accounts to 2 billion dollar (It is a data type issue) - Fixed Bug: On some servers transfering money could not work - Fixed Bug: Transfering 10 million dollar does not work - Changed Feature: Using popup instead of es_menu - Added Feature: Added "bank" command additional to the "!bank" command - Added ToDo: Let the player decide if he wants automatic messages v 0.1: - Initial version

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