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Bennit's Advert System - Version 1.2

posted on 2010-06-13 21:53:19
by bennit


Bennit's Advert System is much like the mani-admin system but purely written in eventscripts. Advertisement lines can consist of dynamic content such as the number of ct's, t's, .. whichever is provided in It loops over a given set of advertisements in the interval you specify. An average user should only be worried about the configuration file, the rest of the application should be prone proof and robust. Incase you loose your config file, my script creates a new one upon reloading it. For now there are 5 types of adverts, all folowing the same interface: [list] [*] Text area [*] Top left black box [*] Bottom HUD [*] Center screen [*] Console [/list] Some canonical examples: (config line vs output) [code] textarea_add "{PLAYERS}/{MAXPLAYERS} slots filled." >>> 3/24 slots filled. toptext_add "Tickrate: {TICRATE}" >>> Ticrate: 33 console_add "This server is running with {FooBar}." >>> This server is running [{FooBar} N/A] [/code] A full list, that will be kept up to date, is on my forum topic. Future updates will consist of (in decending planning-order) - use gamethreads instead of own threads - more types of dynamic content such as {BESTPLAYER} {LOSER} {RICHSOB} and so on and so on. - the possibility to pass arguments to the dynamic content functions (this is > mani) - More types of adverts: more specific textarea msg's, menu adverts, motd, ... - Advert Lists that get triggered on certain events (round start -> advertise menu) - Attach conditions to when an ad is triggered (player's death, player spawned -> menu)


[list=1] [*]Extract into your game mod folder [*]either edit config.cfg or use ingame commands [*]"rcon es_load badvert" in your console [*]Done! Your ads should be running straight away! [/list] Ingame use the folowing console commands for: A) more ads [list] [*]toptext_add "<ad line here>" [*]bottomcenter_add "<ad line here>" [*]textarea_add "<ad line here>" [*]console_add "<ad line here>" [/list] B) intervals [list] [*]adverts_toptext_interval 90 [*]adverts_bottomcenter_interval 150 [*]adverts_textarea_interval 25 [*]adverts_console_interval 100 [/list] for a list of all dynamic content, i.e. things like {PLAYERS}, {CHEAT}, follow my forum thread.

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2010-06-16 17:44:36 EST by bennit (View Zip Contents)
Another tiny fix: config file was ill-placed.

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