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BackRaw's AfterBan - Version 1.1

posted on 2009-09-24 10:22:25
by BackRaw

Tags: automatic ban css


AfterBan allows you to ban and un-ban players which aren't online/active on the server at the moment. It saves all the players in a database which will hold their last names used and their SteamID. This script uses VALVe's ban-method of banning and un-banning using [b]banned_user.cfg[/b]. Say-Commands:[list][b]!ab[/b] - open up the ban-menu [b]!ab SteamID[/b] - will automatically ban or un-ban the player depending on their ban-state [b]!ab SteamID <1/0>[/b] - will force to ban or un-ban the player. [b]!list[/b] - Writes all the banned players to the client's console[/list] Configuration File:[syntax="python"]# ------------------------- # BackRaw's AfterBan - Configuration: bab_config.ini # Localized in: ./addons/eventscripts/bab # ------------------------- # Enter all the Admin-SteamIDs here followed by a comma and a space: admins = STEAM_ID_LAN, STEAM_1[/syntax]Oh, didn't test this with other games, so please do so, if you like it =)


1. Extract the Zip-file to ./cstrike 2. Add es_xload bab to your autoexec.cfg file 3. Change the map

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2009-09-24 15:05:53 EST by BackRaw (View Zip Contents)
Fixed wrong spelling in the configuration file

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