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ba_bank Lottery - Version 1.1

posted on 2009-10-30 15:19:43
by ojii


Allows players to play lottery on (for free of course) and win money for their ba_bank accounts on your server.


[list=1] [*]Go to and create a (free) account to get an API key [*]Add your server to to get a server key [*]Download and extract the [*]Edit 'keys.txt' (put your server key and API key in there) [*]Upload the files (keys.txt and to your gameserver (to /addons/eventscripts/ba_bank_lottery/) [*]Install [url=]ba_bank[/url] [*]Put es_load ba_bank_lottery into your autoexec.cfg [*]Restart server [/list]

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2009-10-30 15:26:26 EST by ojii (View Zip Contents)
fixed app key

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