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AuthManage - Version 1.2

posted on 2007-09-03 21:03:17
by HitThePipe


[list]This script provides an in_game GUI for [b][color=blue]group_auth or basic_auth[/color][/b] ******************************************************* [b]For obvious reasons I STRONGLY suggest you DON'T give this scripts capabilities to too many admins. The fewer and most trusted the better.[/b] ******************************************************* [color=blue][b]Chat command:[/b][/color][list] [*][color=green]!auth[/color] ->Brings up main Auth Management menu Following command for group_auth: [*][color=green]!addgroup groupname accesslevel [/color] [*] Ex.[color=green] !addgroup MyGroup poweruser[/color] -Accepted Access Levels ->in order of most powerful to least: -[color=orange] root, admin, poweruser, known, all[/color] [color=red]->Careful with root[/color][/list] Keymenu is also required for this script. [code]// autoexec.cfg es_load keymenu //if you use basic_auth, uncomment and set the following //es_xset BASIC_AUTH_ADMIN_LIST "STEAM_ID_LAN;" es_load examples/auth/auth_manage[/code] *[b]Also be sure to read the comments at the top of the script (es_auth_manage.txt, es_auth_manage_basic_auth.txt, es_auth_manage_group_auth.txt).[/b] [/list]

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2007-11-04 15:59:17 EST by HitThePipe (View Zip Contents)
Fixed bug in groups list. If you already have v1.1, you only need to replace the es_auth_manage_group_auth.txt. New users, extract all files.

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