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@kill - Version 0.6

posted on 2007-08-22 13:40:28
by JoeyT2006


[size=18][color=blue][b]@kill v0.6[/b][/color][/size] Created by JoeyT2007 ------------------------------- [color=blue][b]DESCRIPTION[/b][/color] ------------------------------- This script allows admins to slay players, teams or everyone using the @kill command either through chat or through the console. It basically uses est_damage to kill people. ------------------------------- [color=blue][b]REQUIREMENTS[/b][/color] ------------------------------- [b]EventScripts 1.5+[/b] [b]ES Tools 0.418[/b] ------------------------------- [color=blue][b]INSTALLATION[/b][/color] ------------------------------- Extract to cstrike folder Add "es_load @kill" to autoexec.cfg Restart server ----------------------------------- [color=blue][b]What is @kill on Open Fire?[/b][/color] ----------------------------------- @kill on Open Fire is a toggle option that allows you to kill the person you are aiming at when you shoot them, with any gun, even if you have a knife and are aiming at someone, it will kill them! ----------------------------------- [color=blue][b]Examples[/b][/color] ----------------------------------- [code]If you don't type an operator: @kill Output: @kill Popup Menu If the user doesn't exist: @kill uoiyuf0ud023 Output: uoiyuf0ud023 doesn't exist. If the user exists and is alive: @kill Bob Output: (ADMIN) *name* killed Bob! If the user exists and is dead: @kill Bob Output: Bob is dead. If the user exists and is a spectator: @kill Bob Output: Bob is a spectator. If the user decides to kill everyone: @kill #a Output: (ADMIN) *name* killed EVERYONE! If the user decides to kill all terrorists: @kill #t Output: (ADMIN) *name* killed ALL CT's! If the user decides to kill all counter-terrorists: @kill #c Output: (ADMIN) *name* killed ALL T's! If the nearest player is Ron: @kill #nearest Output: (ADMIN) *name* killed Ron! If the nearest CT is Bob: @kill #nearest_ct Output: (ADMIN) *name* killed Bob! If the nearest T is Dave: @kill #nearest_t Output: (ADMIN) *name* killed Dave! If Jack is in your crosshair: @kill #view Output: (ADMIN) *name* killed Jack! If you want Bob to kill Dave @kill Bob # Dave Output: (ADMIN) *name* made Bob kill Dave![/code] Note: Try binding a key to "@kill #view", when pressed it will kill the person in your corsshair. A fun thing to do is binding a key to "@kill #nearest_t/ct". Very fun when you can see them all dropping in order of distance. Don't cheat on GunGame! *wink* *wink* [url=]Is this script optimized? Thanks Chun![/url]

Version Notes For 0.6

Updated on: 2007-08-24 12:17:13 EST by JoeyT2006 (View Zip Contents)
------------------------------- [color=blue][b]CHANGE LOG[/b][/color] ------------------------------- v0.1: Released August 22 2007 v0.2: Released August 22 2007 - Added nearest CT - @kill #nearest_ct - Added nearest T - @kill #nearest_t - Added nearest player - @kill #nearest v0.3: Released August 23 2007 - Added weapon sounds - e.g. weapons/m4a1/m4a1-1.wav - Fixed bug with not giving teammates enough damage. v0.4: Released August 23 2007 - Added player list when typing just @kill - Added kill player in view - @kill #view - Fixed bug with not giving teammates enough damage again. v0.5: Released August 23 2007 - Added killing for another player - @kill PREDATOR # PREY v0.6: Released August 24 2007 - Added popup menus. - Added multi-kill (via @kill menu). - Added @kill on Open Fire (via @kill menu). - Added all options to the @kill menu. - Added ability to make another player do any of the things you can do. (via @kill menu). - Added about 30KB of code. - Added Nearest Enemy - @kill #nearest_enemy - Added Nearest Ally - @kill #nearest_ally

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