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Anti Camp and Anti AFK - Version 1.2

posted on 2008-08-02 18:59:47
by bonbon

Tags: afk anti camp css


This little addon gets rid of campers, and afks. There's also an option for afk people not to be affected by anti camp, so that's where they co exist :P When a player is camping withing game units of the same spot for seconds, they will be slapped, dealt damage and told not to camp. All options ofc are configurable, and there is people who can be immune to anti camp, or anti afk, or both. [syntax="es"]///-----Anti Camp------/// // Whether or not bots are effected by anti camp ac_camping_bots 1 // The amount of force a person gets slapped with every 5 seconds for camping, 0 is disabled anything below 100 (ish) is // unnoticable ac_camper_push 275 // How many game units a player has to move every seconds to stop from camping // from head to toe is about 120 game units on the z scale ac_camp_range 60 // How many seconds a player can go about camping ac_camp_time 20 // How many extra seconds it adds per five seconds if a person is camping inside a spawn ac_in_spawn_speedup 2 // Whether or not afks are affected by anti camp ac_afks_affected_by_anticamp 1 // People who are not affected by anti camp ac_immune_campers STEAM_0:0:1231232,STEAM_0:1231232 // If you're running GG, the standard in_spawn_speedup won't work, so you have to use this ac_gg_spawn_camp_boost 0 // The range that a player is in within a spawn point for it to be specified as spawn camping ac_gg_spawn_point_range 300 ///----Anti Afk--------/// // Anything you want disabled, make 0 // If above 0, afk peoples get kicked after minutes of being afk ac_afk_kick_time 5 // How many rounds before afks are kicked ac_afk_rounds_kick 3 // After how many rounds of being afk will a person be moved to spectator ac_rounds_move_to_spec 2 // People who are immune to anti afk ac_immune_afk STEAM_0:0:1231232,STEAM_0:1231232[/syntax]


Extract all files to your game directory add es_load anticamp to your autoexec.cfg restart your server

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2008-08-10 13:16:16 EST by bonbon (View Zip Contents)
Added excluded weapons list for anticamp

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