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Advanced PM - Version 1.0.2

posted on 2008-07-04 19:35:36
by TaCo


AdvancedPM acts like a e-mail app. You can now send messages to your friends without anyone knowing about it. Send special information like, the code to the door in a surf map. Its configurable for the user. Commands: [color=blue][list][*]!pm - Private message someone, after you hit enter a menu will popup and ask you who you want to send it to. [*]!reply - Reply's to the last person who sent you a message, works if the player is in the server meaning this will work even though its a day later, just make sure you know who your sending to (look at the inbox). [*]pmmenu - Your menu where you can change you settings and look at your sentbox and inbox [*]pmhelp - A menu will popup to help you with Advanced PM.[/color][/list]


Extract to root/cstrike and place es_load into your autoexec and your done!

Version Notes For 1.0.2

Updated on: 2008-07-08 01:32:48 EST by TaCo (View Zip Contents)
Well, it took a whole week to check for the smallest errors, then i find i make HUGE ones that i forget about, im embarrased. CRITICAL UPDATE!

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