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aDeathmatch - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-01-11 01:19:38
by aidden



aDeathmatch v1.0 aDeathmatch is a deathmatch script with the following features: -admin menu -ability to change admin command -use of auth provider or set your own admins or both -respawn -respawn delay -spawn protection -spawn protect colours per team -never ending round -guns menu -weapon restrictions -script announce -ability to change guns menu command -say !random to recieve random weapons -unlimited ammo -anti weapon drop -armor on spawn -grenades on spawn with selection of 1 or unlimited for each nade -dead body removal -idle weapon removal -c4 removal -hostage removal future releases- -bomb site removal -buyzone removal -no gunsmenu, random weapons on spawn setting -item removal -random spawn points -all vs all


add es_load adeathmatch to autoexec.cfg or type es_load adeathmatch into server console

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2009-01-11 01:19:38 EST by aidden (View Zip Contents)
-FIRST RELEASE- -REMAKE OF aidz_deathmatch-

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