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Addon Vote - Version 1.01

posted on 2009-01-25 17:27:15
by UGSlayer


Allows players to vote for specific options upon entry to your server. Majority vote win! Thanks to bonbon


Extract zip file. Edit addon_vote.ini [code]# ./addons/eventscripts/addonvote/addonvote.ini # For each majority vote, create a section with the name you want to appear on the menu # You must have: # yes_command (Current votes are majority on yes) # no_command (Current votes are majority on no) # yes_option (The text that will appear as the vote for the True option) # no_option (The text that will appear as the vote for the False option [Friendly Fire] yes_command = "mp_friendlyfire 1" no_command = "mp_friendlyfire 0" yes_option = "On" no_option = "Off" [Death Match] yes_command = "some load command" no_command = "some unload command" yes_option = "On" no_option = "Off" [Low Gravity] yes_command = "sv_gravity 200" no_command = "sv_gravity 800" yes_option = "200" no_option = "800" [Bullet Time] yes_command = "es_load bullettime" no_command = "es_unload bullettime" yes_option = "On" no_option = "Off"[/code]

Version Notes For 1.01

Updated on: 2009-03-20 06:55:33 EST by UGSlayer (View Zip Contents)
Fixed for Auto ES_Install

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