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Addon Utils - Version 0.5.1

posted on 2008-03-26 16:21:30
by Errant


++++ Note ++++ Im releasing this as a pre-release beta - so I can get some bug testing done (although I think I tested most of it). V1.0.0+ will be more feature-full (and is in development) ++++ Addon Utils is a companion plugin for es_install and a general plugin information viewer. It lets admins and users keep track of the addons that are installed and if they are up to date or not. [b]Features[\b] * Anyone can view a list (aand details) of the addons loaded on the server * Admins can unload loaded addons with just a few button presses * Detailed information about every addon * Addon info is kept up to date using Wget - no laggy threading! [b]Coming Soon[\b] * es_install support (auto install updates!) * Remote notifications (receive important news straight into game) * Optional support for Auth service * In game admin menus * Detailed addons installation logs * Support for UNLOADED addons (load or update them) * Common addons list to install from * "Clever" version # parsing - better than ever at guessing which plugin versions are which * Even more detailed addon info * Multi language support [b]Changelog[\b] ** V0.5 ** - Prerelease / Tech Preview build - Support for python addons - Supports basic addon info and unloading - Updates addon versions on map start - No admin menu


Extract the ZIP into your cstrike directory Open the file and edit the line admins = [] to add your steam ids (eg: admins=["STEAM_ID_LAN"]) - separate with comma's Note that this is a beta release so this process will change!

Version Notes For 0.5.1

Updated on: 2008-04-12 13:32:13 EST by Errant (View Zip Contents)
0.5.1 - Hotfix for V 0.5.0 to stop it hammering ESAM - Branched from main code

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