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Addon Manager - Version 2.4.4

posted on 2009-01-03 01:00:57
by DanielB

Requires: [list][*][url=]Auth Provider version Latest[/url] [/list]


Manage all your ES plugins, all from one easy popup! (note: if you are using xa, you can get an xa version [url=]here[/url]) [b]Addon Manager offers one easy popup to manage all of your Eventscripts addons![/b] [b]Note[/b]: The blue popups are a client-mod, and have nothing to do with Addon Manager Thanks to [b]TheCheeTaH[/b] for Danish translations! Thanks to [b]SpeedFreak[/b] for German translations! [b]New with 2.3[/b]: [list] [*]Optional: ExceptHook Integration. The addons page in the menu will display a message if [url=]ExceptHook[/url] has dumped an error file. [enable/diable via am_excepthook in settings.cfg] [*]Improved addon_manager/manager syntax (see below) [/list] New with 2.0: [list] [*]Improved Parser [*]File parsing now optional (Improves speed) [*]Configuration file [/list] To access the menu, simply say [b]!addons[/b] That will open a list of all addons installed on your server, and upon selecting one you can view its details and load/unload it. You will need to be set as an admin to use the admin menu. You can use an auth service to achieve this (admins will need access to "manage_addons") or you can add admins in the settings file Note: Mani-auth is no longer built in. If you require mani use, try using mani_basic_auth or ini_tree_auth If one of the scripts you have doesn't have addon info, you can load it using Addon Manager to give it info! Simply replace the es_load scriptname in your autoexec with [syntax="es"]am_load scriptname "Real name" "Author" "version" // for example.. am_load gungame4 "GunGame 4" "cagemonkey" "4.0.96 RC1" [/syntax] Addon Manager also comes with a built in script controller! Now you can automate the unloading and loading of scripts under certain conditions! using the command [b]am_control[/b] [syntax="es"] // a few examples... // This will make the script only loaded on de_dust2 and cs_office am_control manage <myscriptname> map de_dust2 am_control manage <myscriptname> map cs_office // This will do the opposite - <myscriptname> will be loaded on everymap except de_dust2 and cs_office am_control manage <myscriptname> notmap de_dust2 am_control manage <myscriptname> notmap cs_office // This will only load the script if there is more than 4 players on the server (5 or more) am_control manage <myscriptname> players >4 // This will only load the script if there is less than 4 players on the server (3 or less) am_control manage <myscriptname> players <4 // This script will only be loaded if there are more then 4 players and the map is de_dust2 am_control manage <myscriptname> players >4 am_control manage <myscriptname> map de_dust2 // Remove controls from an addon (used to remove whilst ingame) am_control exclude <myscriptname> // Note: In older versions of manager, you had to include addons like so: am_control include <myscriptname> // This is no longer required, but is still supported. [/syntax] These setting can be put into your autoexeccfg or settings.cfg that will appear in addons/eventscripts/addon_manager/manager/ after its first load. [b]To enable the controller, add es_load addon_manager es_load addon_manager/manager to autoexec[/b] [b]Note for scriptors[/b]: Python files details are set via es.AddonInfo() ESS scriptors can use the addon_manager command to give their addons a description [syntax="es"] es_set myvar 0 es_exists myvar addon_manager_ver // if addon_manager is installed if (server_var(myvar) == 1) do { addon_manager "basename" "addon name" "author" "version" // Tell addon_manager this addons details } [/syntax] also, am_load cannot write over your variables [b]*should* work for all source games[/b] and most importantly, [b]+w00t if you like[/b] o.~


extract to cstrike (or your main folder, depending on game) add es_load addon_manager to autoexec &#40;if you want to install the controller too, add es_load addon_manager/manager to autoexec also&#41; restart server alternatively, you can just use the following command in your server console: es_install addon_manager autoload (es_install will not enable the controller, you will still need to add es_load addon_manager/manager to your autoexec if you wish to use it)

Version Notes For 2.4.4

Updated on: 2012-06-04 21:24:59 EST by DanielB (View Zip Contents)
Stopped HL2:DM popuplib fix runnning for popuplib2

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