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Absolute's Votemute - Version 1.0

posted on 2010-03-17 10:06:10
by Absolute

Tags: mute votemute


So this is a quick addon which I made for Deceiver because he wanted a mani-like votemute. Also this votemute remutes player if they leave and join again You can choose the mute command, how many players have to vote atleast, the percentage After the first load it will create a config where you can alter some values [code] // The command used to PERMANENTLY mute players ($name stands for the name of the player) mute_command "sm_mute $name" // The command used to unmute players ($name stands for the name of the player) unmute_command "sm_unmute $name" // If people who rejoin should get muted again votemute_remute 1 // If this much percentage of all players muted someone then he will get muted votemute_percentage 60 // It atleast needs this much players to mute someone votemute_minimum 2 // The time the player gets muted (in seconds) votemute_time 120 // How long votes should stay in the database (in seconds) [This means if they leave, wait 180 seconds and rejoin then their votes needed to get muted are reset] database_time 180 // These steamids arent mute-able votemute_immunes "STEAM_0:1:1234567,STEAM_0:0:1" [/code]


Put the files in the .zip into your eventscripts folder and add es_load absolute_votemute to your autoexec.cfg

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