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ZombieMod:Source - Version 1.6

posted on 2013-02-04 17:11:20
by captain master


[color=red][b]ZombieMod:Source[/b] is an addon that allows you to play against zombies!All players will be humans and all bots will be zombies! And it gets better after each day(round)!You can modify some settings such as zombies health, zombie speed, number of days, difficulty, if the zombies will be able to kill instantly or not, if a grenade deals extra damage to zombies, if there is a nightvision certain days... [/color] [color=green]Features:[/color] [LIST] [*][color=blue]Zombies![/color] [*][color=blue]Customizable Gameplay![/color] [*][color=blue]Fog![/color] [*][color=blue]Special Fog Nightvision![/color] [*][color=blue]Dissolve players on death![/color] [*][color=blue]Days![/color] [*][color=blue]Extra Ammo![/color] [*][color=blue]Use a zombie model![/color] [/LIST] [color=red][b]Ranks are back![/b][/color] [url=]ZMSource Ranks[/url]


[LIST=1] [*]Download [url=]ZombieMod:Source[/url] [*]Extract to the folder [color=blue]cstrike[/color] [*]Add [color=blue]es_load zombiemod_source[/color] to your autoexec.cfg [*]Config in [color=blue]zombiemod_source.cfg[/color] to your like [/LIST] [quote][color=blue]es_load[/color] ZombieMod_Source[/quote] Make sure you change the Configuration to the way you like!

Version Notes For 1.6

Updated on: 2013-02-13 14:08:27 EST by captain master (View Zip Contents)
[LIST] [*][color=green]Added=[/color]Bomb mission! [*][color=orange]Removed=[/color]Custom difficulty! [*][color=green]Added=[/color]Difficulty Z! [*][color=orange]Re-[/color][color=green]Added=[/color]Ranks! [*][color=green]Added=[/color]Survivors Mission! [*][color=darkgreen]Improved=[/color]Nightvision Effect! [*][color=green]Added=[/color]Damage Effects [/LIST]

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