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weapon powers v 1.2 - Version V 1.2

posted on 2008-05-18 08:39:13
by zSweetXz


Tags: css


Create a map called weapon_powers and a es_weapon_power.txt and copy the text What it does: some few weapon will have some powers like: Scout got: gravity and speed AWP got: gravity and speed hegrenade got: speed and gravity but you run faster with hegrenade.And you need to fix the hegrenade in the text if you want hegrenade power! M249 unlimmited ammo! some health on the weapons! Plz tell me if i need to fix something more!! - updated Made it to a .zip file! xD I use this on my gungame server and it works good for me...


[b]If you want more powers on the weapon then change the powers under the line [/b]

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V 1.2

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