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VIP Addon (for ZombieMod) - Version 1.2

posted on 2007-10-17 08:46:19
by CrAzD



Autoexec.cfg: Code: es_load zombie_vip Description: Zombie VIP Mod A ZombieMod Addon The basis of the mod is, One of the Humans (CT's) Is chosen at random, after the Zombies have been chosen, To become the VIP. The Humans are Required to Defend this Player and Themselves. If the VIP dies the Round is ended, Regardless of timeleft. The Zombies(T's) on the other hand, Have two options to win. 1: Kill the VIP 2: Kill ALL Humans, But they still have to do it within the Round Time. The VIP is a custom Model. I did NOT make this model it is from the VIP CS:S Mod. *The VIP Model is inside the File as well as the Mod. Download: Notes: I will only be supporting this MOD under ES 1.5. I am currently working on an ES 2.0|Python version, but that will not be out for some time, if ever. Contact me via PM with any bugs/suggestions you have please. Enjoy xD!

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2008-03-22 03:11:02 EST by CrAzD (View Zip Contents)
Fixed a few bugs, Cleaned up the Code and Added/Fixed the Model

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