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Instagib - Version 1.0.3

posted on 2008-05-27 20:32:17
by TaCo



UT Instagib is an insta kill mod with a deathmatch setting. The objective for the mod is to reach the score limit for your team before the other team does.The mod has many customizable features such as: -Weapon restrictions -Laser colors -Laser models -Grenade restrictions -Spawn protection -Score limit and much more Definitly a script for you if you want fast gameplay, instant respawn, gib, and lasers.() This addon is a good fun mod for any server. I hope everyone will have as much fun with this mod as i did coding it. See forum link below to contribute your ideas and your critisism. +w00t if you like


Extract to root/cstrike/

Version Notes For 1.0.3

Updated on: 2008-06-07 22:12:45 EST by TaCo (View Zip Contents)
-Added pre events so that you can see the weapon killing you -Changed !uti to !guns -Fixed bot weapons. Happy to tell everyone i've started on a python version that will be 10x better than this ESS script! :D

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