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TimeLights - Version 1.2

posted on 2008-03-06 00:00:14
by dbozan99



I can't believe this hadn't already been done before, so I decided to do it. EDIT: It has been done before but I didn't really like how they did it ;p so, o well. Here it is anyway... Now uses math thanks to SuperDave (THX a ton!) Also comes with an option for free NightVision and Maximum Darkness: TimeLights_FreeNV 1 1 for free NV, 0 for no free NV TimeLights_MaxDark 245 0-245 0 to do absolutely nothing. 245 midnight shouldn't be any darker than this otherwise NV wouldn't even work. -To start simply put es_load TimeLights into your console or autoexec.cfg -To stop simply put es_unload TimeLights into your console. NOTE: REQUIRES ES TOOLS!

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2008-03-08 13:39:15 EST by dbozan99 (View Zip Contents)
-Added SuperDave's gettime suggestion to simplify code. -Fixed the messages from player_spawn to round_start which were causing multiple messages.

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