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Crysis Nanosuit [Updated!] 2.2.5 ScreenShot

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Crysis Nanosuit [Updated!] 2.2.5 - Version 2.2.5

posted on 2011-04-30 16:43:47

Requires: [url=]EstCommands[/url] [url=]Source Python Extensions[/url]


[img][/img] [i]You want to be like Nomand or Alcatraz? Do you want to save the world? Do you want to kill Aliens?[/i] Then you need a Nanosuit! Out of the TechZoneLabs there is the brand new Nanosuit! -> Use the Stealth Mode to hide yourself! -> Use the Armor Mode to survive on the battlefield! -> Use the Strengh Mode to jump on houses! -> Use the Speed Mode to get faster to your enemies! [u]Safe the World! Resure your Team! Defeat your Enemies![/u] [url=][/url] You can change your Mode everytime! Type !Stealth for StealthMode Type !Armor for ArmorMode Type !Strengh for StrenghMode Type !Speed for SpeedMode Type !Nanosuit for the Nanosuit-Menu [u]Nanosuit Skin: [/u] [url=]S-Low Forum[/url] [u]Updates: [/u] ==> Fixed several Bugs ==> Fixed !cryinfo ==> Changed Name in Popup-Menu ==> Added Forum-Guide [u]Test-Server: [/u] [url=steam://connect/][/url]


[u]TechZone-Nanosuit[/u] 1. Unzip the File 2. Copy the files out of the folder Gameserver to your Gameserver 3. If you have one copy the files out of the folder Downloadserver to your Downloadserver [u]Source Python Extensions[/u] -> Copy the files out of the zip file to you Gameserver -> Restart your server [u]EstCommands[/u] -> Copy the files out of the zip file to you Gameserver -> Load EstCommands (es_load estcommands) [u]Nanosuit Skin:[/u] [url=]S-Low Forum[/url] You need help or more informations? Look at: [url=][/url] Link updated!

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