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Swedish Radio+Mapchange radio v2.05 by P3N - Version 2.05

posted on 2010-03-04 13:33:11
by P3N


If es tools is installed this will make music play from a radiochannel during the mapchange. And if you type "radio" in chat you get a menu wich can have up to 24 radio stations. Needs es tools OR Mani admin to work. It´s your choice in the script.(default = es tools). With Mani the music during mapchange will NOT work. [b]Install by extracting into cstrike folder. And add es_load radio in you autoexec.cfg file.[/b]

Version Notes For 2.05

Updated on: 2010-03-04 13:33:11 EST by P3N (View Zip Contents)
Added swedish channels and 1 FM channels streaming from Also possible to stream other channels using this link (see inside script).

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