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SuperMods - Version 4.9

posted on 2008-03-10 00:41:56
by bonbon



[color=blue][size=18]Download[/color][/size][list] :arrow:[/list] [color=blue][size=18]Description:[/color][/size][list] [*]Allows you to sort of punish people who break the rules, and abuse your admin powers [*]Admins type !sm in chat or !supermod in console, you can also type smenu to send a certain menu [*]To get a list of all menus type smenu in console [color=red][size=16]Thanks To[/color][/size][list] [*]Freddukes [*]Gen. Toaster [*]Juba Porn Born [/list] [color=red][size=16]Menu Features Include[/color][/size][list] [*][color=green][size=14]Black hole[/color][/size] - Create a Blackhole where a player is [*][color=green][size=14]Plantify[/color][/size] - Plantify a person (Freeze, Set Model and Strip) [*][color=green][size=14]Burn[/color][/size] - Burn a player for 10 seconds with a really cool overlay [*][color=green][size=14]Freeze[/color][/size] - Freeze/Unfreeze a player [*][color=green][size=14]Explosion[/color][/size] - Explode where you're standing, or where you're looking [*][color=green][size=14]Mines[/color][/size] - Plant a mine that will explode when people get near [*][color=green][size=14]Delete props[/color][/size] - Delete the prop that you're looking at [*][color=green][size=14]Push player[/color][/size] - Push a player really far (Kinda like getting hit by a train) [*][color=green][size=14]Drunk[/color][/size] - Drunk a player [*][color=green][size=14]Shake[/color][/size] - Shake a player's screen [*][color=green][size=14]Player Explosion[/color][/size] - Explode a player [*][color=green][size=14]Entity Explosion[/color][/size] - Create an explosion that only effects entities [*][color=green][size=14]Super Slap[/color][/size] - Super Slap a player [*][color=green][size=14]Delete All Props[/color][/size] - Delete all props like vending machines, barrels ect. [*][color=green][size=14]Lightning Strike[/color][/size] - Create a lightning strike where a player is [*][color=green][size=14]Beacon[/color][/size] - Make a person a beacon that only you can see [*][color=green][size=14]Prop Spinner[/color][/size] - Spin a prop that you're looking at [*][color=green][size=14]Rocket[/color][/size] - Rocket a player [*][color=green][size=14]Drug[/color][/size] - Drug a player with a cool overlay [*][color=green][size=14]Normal Slap[/color][/size] - Slap a player once [*][color=green][size=14]Bury[/color][/size] - Bury a player in the ground [*][color=green][size=14]Set Step Sizes[/color][/size] - Make player's step sizes really high (very hard to player like LOL) [*][color=green][size=14]Flash Player[/color][/size] - Flash a player [*][color=green][size=14]Slow Player[/color][/size] - Slow/Unslow a player [*][color=green][size=14]Slay[/color][/size] - Slay a player [*][color=green][size=14]Unlimited Smoke Grenades[/color][/size] - Give a player Unlimited Smoke Grenades [*][color=green][size=14]Unlimited FlashBangs[/color][/size] - Give a player Unlimited FlashBangs [*][color=green][size=14]Unlimited HE Grenades[/color][/size] - Give a player Unlimited HE Grenades [*][color=green][size=14]Time Bomb[/color][/size] - Turn a player into a Time Bomb [*][color=green][size=14]Fire Bomb[/color][/size] - Turn a player into a Fire Bomb [*][color=green][size=14]Freeze Bomb[/color][/size] - Turn a player into a Freeze Bomb [*][color=green][size=14]Blind[/color][/size] - Blind a player [*][color=green][size=14]Fake Time Bomb[/color][/size] - Turn a player into a Fake Time Bomb [*][color=green][size=14]Fake Radio[/color][/size] - Make a player use fake radio commands [*][color=green][size=14]Fake Zombify (Mostly for zombie servers, lol)[/color][/size] - Fake zombify a person (mostly for zombie servers) with really cool effets (it's pretty real) [*][color=green][size=14]Colored Fog[/color][/size] - You can change the fog color (random, much?) [*][color=green][size=14]Fake Smoke Grenade[/color][/size] - Fake a smokegrenade effect where a player is [/list] [color=red][size=16]Othe Features[/color][/size][list] [*][color=green][size=14]Log Admin Commands[/color][/size] - Option to log every command used on what player at what time [*][color=green][size=14]Immune Admins To Log[/color][/size] - Admins that don't get logged [*][color=green][size=14]Huge Config :)[/color][/size] - Almost every menu has a config! [*][color=green][size=14]Cool Menu Sounds[/color][/size] - Whenever you press a button on the menu, it'll play a sound like mani (a small button one) [/list] Special Thanks to Gen. Toast who made me write this for him :)


make a folder under cstrike/addons/eventscripts called sm place the file into the folder add the lines es_load sm edit the file (the config in the file) to your liking

Version Notes For 4.9

Updated on: 2008-10-13 00:01:33 EST by bonbon (View Zip Contents)
Added model menu Added a .cfg

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