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Steamider - Version 1.2

posted on 2009-06-17 10:03:08
by craziest

Tags: css STEAMID


This addon allows you to find out your target's steamid! Type in your enemies name/userid and the script will find the steamid. The script will filter out bots and message the player if he has done anything wrong. The syntax is as following: [b]!steamid (userid/name)[/b] Ofcourse, the command is changeable and the server admin can choose if the script should announce itself each round. [B]!UPDATE[/B] For easier reading, the admin can choose whether the username/steamid should appear in an ESC textbox. The new update also includes an option to post the steamid several times in the console. You can edit this settings in [b]config.cfg[/b] in the /steamid/ folder. If you have anymore questions, you should visit the forum link and message me there! Any suggestions/critics are welcome as this is my 1st script :)


1. Download the file 2. Upload it to your [b]/cstrike/[/b] folder 3. Add [b]es_load steamid[/b] to your autoexec.cfg file. 4. Open in notepad and you can edit the command and announcements there. 5. Enjoy!

Version Notes For 1.2

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