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Skin Changer EASIEST - Version 3.0

posted on 2010-12-25 18:11:14
by mayhemiz


You can easy add skins to your skin changer! Admin list added!! Save skin added!! Save skin delete added!! Tutorial to add skins: Open : with notepad++ or simple notepad,or what u have U can see this lines: models=['player/ct_gign.mdl','player/t_phoenix.mdl'] name = ['Gign','Phoenix'] models: here you can add the skins path name: the name what shows the menu just edit this two line example models=['player/ct_gign.mdl','player/t_phoenix.mdl','player/example.mdl'] name = ['Gign','Phoenix','Example'] say !cs to open the menu To open delete menu say: !csd


1. Download 2. Unzip to your server .../addons/eventscripts 3. Write into console or write into autoexec.cfg : es_load changeskin

Version Notes For 3.0

Updated on: 2011-01-12 08:04:41 EST by mayhemiz
Not only admins can use the script now! You can set it. Here it is: cs_admin = ['all'] Set cs_admin to steam ids,or to 'all'.

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