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Simple ShowDMG - Version 1.4

posted on 2009-03-21 15:32:41
by Archivolt


[color=#FF0000]NOTE: 1.4 isn't working right now, please wait for an update! Version 1.3 does work though.[/color] Simple ShowDMG is a script which shows the attacking player how much damage he/she dealt to a player/bot. It shows a small string of text in the hudhint box. (see screenshot) I made this to be simpler than most other Damage Showing Scripts. Tested in Counter-Strike: Source, but should work in all hl2-ep1 engines. ** Now supports es_install command! **


To install drag folder 'showdmg' into your "cstrike" folder. Then, add this into a new line in 'autoexec.cfg' w/ no quotes. "[b]es_load showdmg[/b]"

Version Notes For 1.4

Updated on: 2009-09-03 21:26:33 EST by Archivolt (View Zip Contents)
[b]v1.4[/b] - ShowDMG now has center and chat message feature. Configurate in! [b]v1.3[/b] - Now supports es_install. [b]v1.2[/b] - Code optimized. [b]v1.1[/b] - Removed unnecessary code. [b]v1.0[/b] - Initial Release.

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