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[22/10/07] SZM v3.0 -Zombie Mod- ScreenShot

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[22/10/07] SZM v3.0 -Zombie Mod- - Version 3.0BETA

posted on 2006-06-26 22:59:31
by sn4k3



Are You Searching For One Complete Zombie Mod? Look No Further, Choose SZM! SZM Contains all these and more: Can Be Fully Personalized. Contains Cool Models And A Variety of Different Mods Full Admin Menu. High Performance. And The Best Thing Of All... It's Fun to Play. SZM Contains Many different Mods, all can be turned off or on! [color=green]-> Infinite He Grenades[/color] Infinite He Grenades Mod Resupply Players at designated intervals or you can choose to spawn with 1000 He's. [color=green]-> Recovery Health Mod[/color] Zombies will recovery heath, a certain amount at certain intervals that can be changed to your likes. [color=green]-> Infinite Ammo Mod[/color] Infinite Ammo Mod Allows Player to fire constantly without reloading! [color=green] -> Infection Mod[/color] Infection Mod: It is up to the zombies to infect the rest of the humans by swiping them with their claws of death. Once infected, the human is then turned into a disgusting zombie. [color=green]-> JetPack Mod[/color] Ever wanted to know how it feels to be a bird? JetPack Mod Allows Players Fly over obsticals. However, one catch being you only have a limited amount of fuel. (Create One Bind [eg. bind v +jetpack]) [color=green]-> Reviver Mod[/color] Reviver Mod Allow Zombies to Revive When They Kill One human Or humans Kill a certain Number Of Zombies. [color=green]-> Teleport Mod[/color] Ever tired of waiting for the last human to die because he is camping in an unreachable place? Not any more, with teleport mod, the Zombies will teleport to the last Human Alive! [color=green]-> Hidden Mod[/color] Hidden Mod Chooses One Random Zombie And Makes them Invisible. When only one human is left, the Zombies hearbeat will begin to beat, and the only visable thing on the zombie is his knife. If the human manages to kill the 'hidden one' all other zombies will die. [color=green]-> DeathMatch Mod[/color] DeathMatch Mod Allows Players to Respawn After Death. [color=green] -> Crazy Zombies Mod[/color] Crazy Zombie Mods has 2 options: The first is at the start of the round, the zombies are gave random attributes, and can range from very easy, to extremly difficult! This mode will keep you on your toes. The second mode changes upon the skill level of the humans. Depending on whether the Humans or Zombies win, the zombies will go up a class or down a class respectivley to keep things level. This balances the game. [color=green]-> Vampire Mod[/color] Blood sucking zombies will recover health as they drain it from the living soul of you. Every attack they do on you will be another feast to them, and they gain health. [color=green]-> Caos Mod[/color] All players begin as a human. After a designated time delay, a randomly selected human will be infected with a virus. It is then up to them to infect the rest of the humans. (Needs infection mod to be on) [color=green]-> Cash Mod[/color] szm_cash_mod_type = 1 -> Set All Players cash to $16000 at the start of every round. szm_cash_mod_type = 0 -> You get to manage your own cash. [color=red][b]How to win:[/b][/color] Their are two ways to defeat the battle of the zombies. 1. You must savagely murder EVERY zombie on the map so they cannot cause any more havoc. 2. You must wait out until the round timer ends, then a rescue team will come and rescue you. [color=red][b]-> How to add custom models[/b][/color] First you need to have the models on your game server. Open 'cfg/szm/szm_downloads.cfg' and add all new model files to the list. Open 'cfg/szm/szm_models.cfg' and add your models (use the .mdl file) After that, follow by writing "syntax: Human Or Zombie Model!!!" Example: [color=red]Syntax:[/color] szm_add_zombie [color=red]Syntax:[/color] szm_add_human [color=red][b]-> How to add custom Sounds[/b][/color] Open 'cfg/szm/szm_sounds.cfg' and add your Soundfile (only use file extentions .mp3 or .wav) After that, follow by writing "syntax Sound Syntax!!!" [color=red]Syntax:[/color] szm_add_zombies_hurt_sound [color=red]Syntax:[/color] szm_add_zombies_attack_sound [color=red]Syntax:[/color] szm_add_zombies_die_sound [color=red]Syntax:[/color] szm_add_zombies_emit_sound ************************************************************** [b][color=red]Commands[/color][/b] [color=blue]say command "y"[/color] szmmodel -> change your caracter model. [url=]szmstats -> [/url]See Your SZM stats. szmhealth -> See Your Current Health [url=]szmpag -> [/url]Go To the SZM Mattie's Forum Page. szmammo -> Set player's ammo to 1000 szmadmin -> Open admin menu [url=]szmhelp ->[/url] Open Help Center In a popup or in a web browser szmspawn -> Allows Player to Re-Spawn (Only if DM Mod is turned on) szmaspawn -> Allows the ability to re-spawn yourself (Need Admin) szmaspawn t -> Allows the ability to re-spawn all terrorists (Need Admin) szmaspawn ct -> Allows the ability to re-spawn all dead counter-terrorists (Need Admin) szmaspawn all -> Allowss the ability to re-spawn everyone who is dead (Need Admin) szmaspawn userid/name/steamid -> Allows the ability to Spawn a player by name/userid/steamid (Need Admin) szmstuck -> Have you got stuck? This will set you free! szmstats -> Type this to see your SZM stats. szmstats [player (userid/name/steamid)] -> Type this to see other players stats. [color=blue]Console Commands[/color] +jetpack -> Allows the Player to Fly (I recomend creating a bind key by typing: bind v +jetpack (or any other key instead of v)

Version Notes For 3.0BETA

Updated on: 2007-10-22 10:53:23 EST by sn4k3 (View Zip Contents)
- Improved/rewrote ALL script. It is now Over 500% Better - Improved speed on stats and on all data saved by szm - Improved infection mod - Improved sounds emit and repeats - Allow add downloads by full path only - Removed some sounds - Removed lots of code - Better menus - Change ambient sound to other folder (zombiemod default) - added new zombie models - added Props Shop (allow ts or cts buys props at kills cost) - Fixed chaos mod (not 100% done) - Fixed some bugs - Script has been completly rewrote so lots of things fixed and improved! - Converted to ES2.0 New scripting language 'Python'

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